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gavelDivorces are fraught with disagreements and dissatisfaction. On occasion a case will find an unsatisfactory outcome at the from the ruling of a Circuit Court Judge which may be challenged at the Oregon Court of Appeals or even Oregon Supreme Court.

The appeals process is lengthy and technical but it can have a significant impact on the outcome of a wrongly decided case and on the law of the State of Oregon.

Our Law Firm Has The Experience to Successfully Handle Significant Appellate Cases

The lawyers at Hobson Oram Law are experienced in handling appeals cases that challenge the decision of the trial judge. We have handled numerous appeals that have not only resulted in significant changes to the decision of the trial judge but have also made an impact on law in the State of Oregon. We have understand family law in Oregon and apply a logical, pragmatic and systematic analysis to every case, making us leaders in family law cases in the Oregon.

It is important to understand that a trial judge’s decision cannot be challenged simply because a party is unhappy with the outcome. In order to appeal the trial judge’s decision in a family law case, an error must have occurred. If the trial judge failed to properly apply the law to the facts of the case or decided the case based on an erroneous interpretation of the evidence, it may be possible to challenge the judge’s decision by appealing. Though there are many aspects of a divorce or family law case that can be appealed, the most common areas of challenge are:

~ Issues of property division

~ Issues of Child Custody or Parental Relocation

~ Determination of Spousal Support or Child Support

It is also critical to understand that an appeal must be filed within 30 days of the day that the trial court’s Judgment was entered into the court records.

Appeals are a time consuming, technical and expensive process in which the party who initiates the appeal must demonstrate that the trial judge made an erroneous decision by providing compelling legal arguments through the presentation of written briefs and oral argument. The attorneys at our law firm stay abreast of the latest developments in family law and closely following appellate decisions. We share an unparalleled and unwavering commitment to excellence in the practice of family law. The lawyers of Hobson Oram Law will provide sound advice and guidance for clients who seek to challenge a trial judge’s ruling or who are required to defend an appeal filed by an opposing party.

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