Paternity Test Laws in Portland, Oregon

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In most states, if a child is born within a marriage between a man and a woman, the law automatically assumes the husband is the biological father. The father does not need to be established in these situations, but, if one wants to disprove it, it should be done as close to birth as possible. In Oregon, a biological father is obligated by law to support his child from birth. However, fatherhood must be determined before child support benefits can be approved. The state will assist in establishing paternity for the purposes of imposing a child support obligation on the father. However, it will not assist in resolving custody and parenting time issues. Paternity can be settled by the biological father signing a document called an Acknowledgement of Paternity after the child’s birth. This document is typically provided at the hospital and, if signed, is submitted to the Center for Vital Statistics which then allows the state to issue a birth certificate with the father’s name included. If the acknowledgement is not signed, then fatherhood can be determined at a later time through court order. In this situation, one should speak to a paternity lawyer.

Can a Family Law Firm Help Me?

Yes, it’s common for an attorney to establish paternity through a court order. Lawyers may represent not only the alleged father, but also the biological mother in these types of cases. An attorney can help ensure a father is recognized as a biological parent and also assist in custody and parenting issues as well.

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