Your Rights as a Grandparent During Divorce Situations

grandparentsDo Grandparents have any rights in a divorce? Divorce can be a challenging time for all parties involved, particularly if you’re a Grandparent. In general, Grandparents do not have any rights in a divorce. However, they may have a sufficient relationship with the children of the divorcing couple to intervene into the divorce case regarding custody and visitation of the children. Whether this is possible would be based on many factors. Grandparents that co-own property with one of the divorcing spouses may also be brought into the divorce as well.

Child Custody Rights of Grandparents

Grandparent custody rights vary by State. In Oregon, Grandparent’s may be entitled to visitation or even custody rights depending on the situation. You will need to petition the court and prove several things, among which is that having visitation rights will be beneficial for your grandchild. The court will consider visitation not only if it would benefit the child, but if other requirements are met as well. In some situations, it may not be possible to obtain visitation or custody unless the child is at risk. This could include parental abuse or neglect. Because these cases are complicated with many different factors to consider, it’s recommended to seek the advice of a family law attorney.

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