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Family law is the complex practice of dealing with domestic legal issues. This could include but is not limited to marriage, divorce, custody and support of children, paternity, grandparent’s rights, and estate planning. The family law attorneys at Hobson / Oram Law help families in need of legal support for a variety of issues and in a wide range of circumstances. If you have a dispute that is domestic in nature, then an attorney that practices family law can likely help. Even if you’re unsure whether your specific problem falls under this branch of law, you’re welcome to contact us to find out if we can help you. There are some types of conflicts that can often be managed in informal ways, and we can help you explore those options as well.

Can I Solve my Family Law Problem without an Attorney?

For simple issues you can find, fill out, and file the appropriate forms yourself. However, most domestic matters can get very complex, and your best chance of getting your desired result is usually to get the help of an expert. While in America, attorney and lawyer are typically used interchangeably, the word “attorney” actually means someone working on your behalf. A family “attorney-at-law” can therefore help navigate matters regarding family law in your best interest. For example, if you want to make modifications to your existing shared custody agreement in Beaverton, you can obtain the forms from the Oregon Judicial Department. However, mistakes to these forms are easy to make and difficult to remedy. Even if you want to complete the forms on your own, it would be helpful to have a Washington County family law lawyer review them before submission. The Oregon Judicial Department website has resources to help you if you can’t afford legal help as well, though they strongly recommend getting the help of an attorney to those that can.

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