Maureen Pierce

Legal Assistant

Maureen Pierce received her Legal Assistant Degree from Empire College of Law in Santa Rosa, California in 1991 and has worked exclusively in Family Law since then, both in California and in Oregon. Maureen has been with our firm for over 15 years as the Legal Assistant to David N. Hobson, Jr.

Maureen’s knowledge of Courthouse procedures and her long standing relationships with Courthouse staff are invaluable. Maureen works directly with all clients and assists in all aspects of family law matters, including the creation of household budgets for court purposes and assembly of documents to be produced during litigation. If a case proceeds to trial, Maureen is skilled and efficient in interfacing trial preparation with the court system.

Maureen Pierce also graduated from Chaffey College in California and majored in Environmental Design at California Polytechnic University. With strong organization and communication skills, she is each client’s “first point of access” to Hobson and Oram Law.

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