Do You Need Help Filing for Divorce?

signing legal documentsWhile a family law attorney in Oregon is not required to start the divorce process, there are advantages to having one on your side.  It is important to understand that one attorney cannot represent both spouses. However it is not necessary for both spouses to each hire an attorney. One attorney can draw up the paperwork, but that attorney would represent just one of the parties. That is because the ethical rules prohibit an attorney from representing two people whose interests are often at odds with each other. Whether an agreement is reached without any attorney involvement or with attorney involvement, reaching an agreement saves a lot of time, money, and stress involved when it comes to separating.

However, divorce is an emotionally taxing ordeal for all parties involved, and coming to terms isn’t always so easy. In addition, the longer you’re married, the more complicated the process becomes due to a variety of influential factors. A lawyer helps you make level-headed decisions in what may be a very challenging part of your life. If your spouse has already sought legal advice, it would be prudent for you to do so as well.

A Family Law Attorney Simplifies the Divorce Process

A divorce is a life-changing choice that can ultimately affect your place of living, financial status, and children for a very long time to come. As a Tigard divorce lawyer, I can help you navigate the many legal intricacies involved in ending a marriage. I regularly practice in the Multnomah, Clackamas, and Washington county areas.

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