Modifying a Parental Custody Plan to Spend More Time with Your Children

It is not uncommon for a parent to seek to increase his or her parenting time during a child’s adolescence. Parents without sole custody often ask how to get more child visitation time. As children age their needs change and it is often appropriate to modify the parenting time arrangement.  Also with young children, a parent may receive less parenting time than would be appropriate for an older child; thus, with age it may be appropriate to increase parenting time. When both parties agree, this can be a simple process.

How to Modify Child Visitation Rights in Oregon

Can a lawyer get me more parenting time with my child? The answer is – maybe. If both parents agree on the new visitation schedule, then a lawyer is not needed. When parents disagree on visitation rights, a court case will be required to settle the disagreement. A family law attorney can help you build a strong case which will increase your chances of obtaining increased visitation rights and/or time. Generally, a strong case will need to be presented to the judge before a modification of visitation rights takes place. Because your child comes first in the eyes of the court, your request for extra parenting time should be in your child’s best interest.

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