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Can a Person Refuse to Sign Divorce Paperwork?

While there’s nothing in the law that requires your spouse to sign off on a divorce judgment, it doesn’t mean that you’re stuck in the marriage. However, it will mean that the process will be longer because the Judge will actually have to Order the...

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Is It Possible to Stop an Ex from Moving Away with Your Child?

In Oregon, most parenting plans have a restriction on changing the child’s residence. Typically, the restriction recites Oregon law, which is that neither party may move their residence more than sixty miles further distance from the other parenting without giving the other parent reasonable notice...

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Falling Behind on Child Support

I once met an individual who was having child support garnished from his paycheck. When he showed me his paystub, his gross earnings couldn’t even pay his rent. Unfortunately, his hours were cut back and he wasn’t earning the same wage as he was at...

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Divorce and Social Security Retirement

Otherwise known as spousal benefits, your ex can file for Social Security retirement under your work history if they meet the requirements. However, this won’t impact you or your family’s benefits. To qualify, you and your ex must have been married for a minimum of...

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Changing Your Mind During Divorce: Can It Be Reversed?

If you’ve filed a petition for divorce or dissolution of marriage and are having a change of heart, it’s not too late to stop it. Typically, the person who filed the petition can go to the county clerk’s office to obtain the paperwork needed to...


Who Gets to Keep the House in a Divorce?

When it comes to divorce, the house is easily one of the most valuable assets in the marriage. But when it comes to who gets to keep the house in a divorce, the answer isn’t always simple. In a perfect scenario, spouses will negotiate and...

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Divorce: Is an Attorney Required?

Many people will search for questions like “do I need an attorney for divorce?” when it comes to ending a marriage. In Oregon and throughout the USA, an attorney is not required for couples to get divorced but there are many advantages to having one...

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Estate Planning & Divorce: Why You Should Update a Will

Following a stressful divorce, the very last thing most people want to deal with is making changes to their Will or estate plan. In fact, many people forget that they need to make changes at all. It’s important to understand that even though your divorce...

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