What Can I Do to Get More Child Visitation Time?

baby with stuffed animalWondering how can I maximize my visitation rights? You’re not alone. Many parents would like to spend more time with their child. Unless the court has ordered otherwise, you have a legal right to spend time with your child. How much time you’re eligible for depends on multiple factors. In an ideal custody situation, both parents would agree on a set visitation schedule which works for both parties and is in the child’s best interest. If both parents work together, there is little reason for the court to get involved on when and how often you visit your child. Most problems tend to arise when parents disagree on visitation hours or prevent the other parent from seeing their child. Over the course of the child’s adolescence, it is possible to change the visitation schedule to best meet with the parents needs but more importantly the changing needs of the child.

Can I Request a Change to My Child Visitation Schedule?

Yes – visitation schedules can be modified. As children age and his or her needs change and it is often appropriate to modify the parenting time arrangement.  Each case is different and presents a different set of facts and circumstances.  Because a judge decides what parenting time is appropriate based on what is in a child’s best interest, there are countless factors that may weigh into that decision.  There are certain things a parent can do such as modify his or her own schedule to make themselves available to the child or be involved in the child’s education that may make a modification more or less appropriate.

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