Family Law Attorneys Can Help Resolve Paternity Problems

baby and fatherA lawyer to establish paternity can be hired by the biological father and/or the biological mother in order to obtain custody of their child. In many situations, paternity doesn’t need to be proven, especially in the case of a married couple. A document is signed by the father when a child is born at a hospital which acknowledges paternity. However, certain situations may warrant court involvement, such as when parents disagree on who the biological father is. If you’re being pressured into signing a document proving paternity and do not feel you’re the biological father, you should seek legal help. Do not sign anything. Once paternity is proven, it’s difficult to reverse and it makes you legally responsible to support the child throughout his or her childhood. Likewise, if a mother experiences resistance by the biological father to acknowledge his status, then she should talk with an attorney.

Establishing Paternity with Court Order

Either parent may file an action in court to determine fatherhood or parentage. If the parties do not agree that who the father is, then a DNA test is typically ordered. Known as a paternity test, results are received in as little as a few days. Once fatherhood or paternity has been determined, the court can move forward with ordering custody, parenting time and child support. In this situation, hiring a paternity attorney should be considered before court proceedings begin.

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