How to Determine Who Is Responsible for Child Support

childWhen ending a marriage, couples may wonder, “who pays child support after a divorce?” Child support is typically synonymous with custody and parenting plan hearings. Generally, a parent who enjoys less residential time with the children is the payer of child support because the other parent is incurring more expenses in caring for the child. The parent who receives the support is the payee, but that parent also pays support by covering the child’s expenses directly. Regardless of who receives custody, there is a legal requirement for a biological parent to provide support for their child until they become a legal adult.

Calculating Average Child Support Payment

In Oregon, child support responsibility is usually determined by the Oregon Child Support Calculator, which takes into account the gross income of both parents, day care costs, insurance, as well as parenting time arrangements between the parties. Support typically continues until the child is 18 years old, but if the child continues to attend school, such as college or a trade school, support can be ordered until the child reaches age 21. Determining child support for a child between the ages of 18 and 21 can be more complicated, but a family law attorney can help you.

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