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At Hobson Oram Law, our attorneys specialize in family law, restraining orders, child custody, modifications of parenting time, annulments, property division and divorce cases. We provide high quality legal services, expert advice and legal representation to help protect you and your family.

We offer an initial consultation for up to one hour for a flat fee of $100. During this initial appointment, we will explore your issues and discuss possible avenues for resolution. Additionally, because family law matters are so personal, it is important to have a rapport with the attorney you choose to assist you with your matter.

We offer these representational services and more:

If you do not see the category of case that you think you may have, please call us for a one on one discussion about the particular facts of your situation.  Family law matters often present unique facts and circumstances that often do not fit into one particular category, but are within the purview of the law that Hobson Oram Law handles.

Our fee schedule, including hourly rate and billing procedures will be discussed with you on a one on one basis.  You will be asked to sign a contract with our office outlining the financial aspects of the agreement.

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